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Brocklewood’s Fundraising Success

Brocklewood Primary raised an impressive £600 for their partner school, Dagoma Elementary, situated in a rural area of Northern Ethiopia. Pupils at Brocklewood took part in a variety of activities to raise the funds, at the same time building up their skills in various areas of the curriculum. Pupils made friendship bracelets in Ethiopian national colours for sale, sold cakes, smoothies and hot chocolate, took part in a sponsored water carry around the field and filled a map of Ethiopia with spare change. In particular, one pupil raised an amazing £300 by writing a persuasive letter to a local company.

Natalie Aldridge, Link Coordinator at Brocklewood, said “The experience has improved our children’s sense of helping others less fortunate, even though they have very little themselves. They live in an area of deprivation where they have low expectations of themselves and what they can achieve, so seeing their achievements regarding this fundraising has really opened their eyes to what they can do. Knowing they can make such a difference is really encouraging to their learning.”

You can download our Fundraising Guide, full of ideas for informative and educational fundraising from

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Brocklewood School’s Ethiopia Day

Each class learnt about Ethiopia’s geography, culture and religions, making use of Link Ethiopia resources on health and water (available from our resource library). Children investigated Ethiopian music and art and even tried their hands at making the Ethiopian staple, injera!

Each class also chose a fundraising activity, which was promoted during the week with posters, and flyers, linked to persuasive writing in Literacy. Fundraising activities included selling home-made fruit smoothies, cakes and hot chocolate as well as a jumble sale. Children also took part a sponsored water-carrying relay around the school field, raising awareness of the many children in Ethiopia who have to fetch water every day. The most profitable activity was year 6 children who made friendship bracelets using thread in the colours of the Ethiopian flag.

Overall, the day gave children a good opportunity to learn about Ethiopia as well as getting creative in their fundraising.

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November & December 2010

Link Ethiopia header - 2010 - 09 10 - Sept Oct

Welcome to our November & December 2010 news update

“Christmas is coming and the geese are getting fat …..”

Well, perhaps that’s not the most relevant way to start this News Update, but we at Link Ethiopia do send you all the compliments of the approaching season and hope that you will welcome our latest news.

And what about those Christmas gifts for your family, friends and other loved ones? If you would like to choose something from our Gift Ethiopia website, we can assure you (1) that your donation will be spent exactly according to your wishes and (2) that it will make the lives of some less well-off people in Ethiopia a little more positive and hopeful. Read on … and best wishes to you all!

Fun Christmas presents from Gift Ethiopia

Our gifts will bring a smile to the faces of your friends and family this Christmas. While at the same time they’ll bring a smile to children who are eager to learn, thousands of miles away.

Thanks to your support our projects now reach over 80,000 young people throughout Ethiopia. With your help we will be able to do even more to expand quality education to youngsters in towns and rural areas through 2011 and beyond.

So now’s your chance to give someone a gift that you feel passionately about; whether it relates to the importance of clean drinking water, hygienic toilets, books, or teacher training. Or perhaps you’re looking for something slightly out of the ordinary… like our donkey library?

Visit to support the children and young people of this amazing country!

Water taps
Water taps

Donkey Library
Donkey Library

Help build a bog
Help build a bog

Complete school pack
Complete school pack

Special gift cards

For each gift you will receive a colourful and celebrational gift card explaining about the specific support you are giving, and this is posted to you 1st class so you can write a message and give it to your lucky family member or friend.

So please, visit our Gift Ethiopia website and give a special gift to a special person. It’s a brilliant way to get involved!


Child sponsorship
Child sponsorship

Clean water for 40 pupils
Clean water for 40 pupils

Community football team
Community football team

Internet in a school
Internet in a school

News from Ethiopia

  • It has just been announced that France Telecom SA has started a two-year contract to manage Ethiopia’s state-owned Ethio Telecom, Communications and Information Technology. Read more…
  • And a consignment of 16,000 day-old chicks are to be sent from India to Ethiopia as part of a programme to introduce and breed superior quality poultry in the African nation. Read on…

Meet the Team: Elsa Kebede



We would like to introduce you all to Elsa Kebede, the newest full-time worker in our Gondar office. She is full to the brim with enthusiasm and energy as she begins to fulfil her role as School Links Coordinator. We welcome her and wish her every success.


Support our runners!

We have been lucky enough to find five fantastic supporters who will be raising money for Link Ethiopia by running in 3 famous UK events.

Virgin London Marathon – 17th April 2011

Jon Devaney, a long time supporter of Link Ethiopia will be looking to raise £2,000

BUPA London 10k – 30th May 2011

Aster Mullugeta

Andrew Tam

Maria Taembo  (JustGiving site on its way!)

Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon – 6th March 2011

Alexandra Floyd

There will be various fundraising events throughout the year that we shall be making you all aware of, but in the meantime please support all our runners in their efforts to help Link Ethiopia improve education, by clicking on their JustGiving links above.

We still have places in the BUPA Great Edinburgh Run, full Marathon, on 2nd October 2011. If any of you are interested please contact Martin at [email protected] for more details.

Coming up on UK Television

  • Mystery investigator – Olly Steeds
    The Ark of the Covenant. Could it have been smuggled into Ethiopia?
    Tue 21 and Wed 22nd Dec (Discovery History)
  • Joanna Lumley’s Nile
    From the source to the sea

    Olympic hopefuls in the Simien Mountains
    Thu 30th Dec
    (ITV London)

School quiz


  1. If you proceeded in a straight line directly south from Addis Ababa, which would be the next country you would come to?
  2. What would an Ethiopian do with a ‘masingko’?
  3. Where in Ethiopia is supposed to be the hottest place on earth?

(School quiz answers: (1) Kenya, (2) Play it. It is a one-stringed violin, (3) The Danakil Desert)

Kids’ conundrum

Where, in modern Ethiopia, might you just think of finding Mary living with Joseph?

(Kids’ conundrum answer: Nazret (Nazareth) – now also called Adama, its Oromo name)

Ethiopian proverb

A silly daughter teaches her mother how to bear children 

English proverb

A deaf husband and a blind wife are always a happy couple 

Website link

The wonderful Africa Guide’s pages on Ethiopia at

… and of course, visit,

Help us?

As always, if anyone reading this would like to offer us expertise, knowledge and help with our work or if you would like to associate yourself with one of our school projects (classrooms, water, toilets, books, etc) then please get in touch. You can donate via the following link, or by contacting us – details below.

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New classroom furniture at Fasiledes Prep

The old furniture at Fasiledes

The furniture at Fasiledes was uncomfortable and unsafe

The Fasiledes Preparatory School caters for pre-University pupils in the Gondar area and needed sturdy desks and chairs to cater for their 2,000-strong student population each day. Old wooden furniture had suffered over-long use and was no longer suitable or indeed safe for students to use.

Fasiledes' new furniture

The new desks are sturdy and locally made

Working with the school Link Ethiopia has replaced the furniture in 6 classrooms with durable, locally-made metal desk and chair units.

A big thank you to everyone who helped support this project. If you want to support much-needed projects like this at Ethiopian schools, click here.

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An item of business news which Link Ethiopia staff noticed in the last few days is that a consignment of 16,000 day-old chicks are to be sent from India to Ethiopia as part of a programme to introduce and breed superior quality poultry in the African nation.

The consignment from a Gurgaon-based poultry breeding company, Keggfarms, consists of a variety of chicken branded ‘Kuroiler’ that can live and thrive in resource-poor, foraging village environments and yet produce much more meat and eggs than the existing stocks.

Also part of the consignment are to be 4,000 Kuroiler hatching eggs. The initiative to supply these Kuroiler chicks came after Keggfarms was approached by Flow Equity, a US-based fund, to introduce the chicken into Ethiopia. Flow Equity is managed by three young US citizens who are working for the upliftment of social conditions of the African poor, especially in Ethiopia and Uganda.

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Jenda Elementary’s got a brand new pump!

Jenda Elementary, a rural school catering for 900 pupils, is 30 minutes walk from the nearest road, which itself is a further hour’s bus ride from Gondar town centre. Until recently, the school had no clean water for pupils to drink.

Jenda Elementary's new pumpLink Ethiopia funded the installation of a new water pump facility on the school site to replace an old disused well. The water supply is now able to be used by students, staff and the local community.

Click here to help fund much-needed projects like this at Ethiopian schools.

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Our biggest ever book shipment!

Travelling some 6,000 miles, our largest book shipment to date recently arrived safely in Gondar, Ethiopia. The 20-foot-long container set sail five months earlier after a busy period of book collections, sorting and packing with the very generous support of our UK schools.

On arrival in Ethiopia an energetic team of students helped unload and organise the 25,000 books and 12 computers, ready for distribution.

This book shipment was able to support some 15 primary and secondary schools in the region, whose libraries have now been significantly enhanced! A massive thank you to everyone who helped.

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It has just been announced that France Telecom SA has started a two-year contract to manage Ethiopia’s state-owned Ethio Telecom, Communications and Information Technology.

The Paris-based company will manage the utility, accounting systems will be modernised and new services introduced, also helping to boost the basic services at present in place and strengthen the infrastructure.

An underwater fibre-optic cable link via Djibouti will increase capacity and lower broadband internet costs.

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Active learning resources

Using the new Active Learning resourcesAt Link Ethiopia, we believe that schools are only as effective as the teaching inside them. In partnership with the local Teacher Training Centre in Gondar we have provided funds to enable the creation of three sizeable boxes of interesting classroom resources for rural schools.

The new active learning resourcesThese resources include locally-made visual aids, games, mini-blackboards and other items which are typically difficult for rural teachers to gain access to. The Teacher Training Centre also provides training and support for the staff in how to use the resources.

Click here to help support a project like this at an Ethiopian school.

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Partner School Visits – October 2010

Several UK teachers and a group of sixth formers recently visited their partner schools in Ethiopia. Joy Hardy from Queniborough Primary School and Mike Hill from Wreake Valley Community College spent five days in their partner schools in Bahir Dar, whilst Jonathon Wilcox led a group of 15 students from Halliford School to visit Edeget Feleg School in Gondar. 

The visits were a great success and gave both teachers and students a real insight into the lives of their Ethiopian friends. Teachers and students were particularly struck by the warmth and friendliness of their Ethiopian hosts and how much Ethiopian schools achieve despite meager resources.

Several exciting activities took place during the visits: the Halliford group witnessed a show by a local troupe of acrobats, Circus Azezo and challenged their parters to an inter-school football match; Mike Hill conducted an experiment at an impromptu science lesson; and Joy Hardy worked with children in her partner school on an art exchange activity about weather in Ethiopia and the UK.

Watch a video of Circus Azezo and the Halliford group here (right click and ‘save as’ to download)

Watch a video of the science lesson at the Ghion school here (right click and ‘save as’ to download) 

All three school links were strengthened by the visits which allowed teachers to plan collaboratively for future joint work.

Wreake Valley and the Ghion School have identified a shared interest in the environment and are planning to exchange information and articles between their respective Science Journal and Environmental Clubs, as well as producing some art work in response to work brought back from the visit to Ghion. These projects will form part of Wreake Valley’s application for the International Schools Award.


Queniborough School have a range of exciting projects planned with Yekatit 23 Elementary School, including an exchange of history and traditional tales and are planning a joint project focusing on the Olympics for 2011/12.

Both the Wreake Valley and the Queniborough visit were funded by the British Council. For more information on funding available and how to apply, download our visits funding guide

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