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News update: Christmas 2011



We want to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and new year. 2011 has been Link Ethiopia’s most successful year to date, thanks to your support, and we are thoroughly looking forward to what 2012 brings.

We are pleased to announce that our 2012 calendars are on sale now. Details are below. Get them while stocks last!

There is also still time to order your fun and unusual Christmas gifts from our Gift Ethiopia website. All the gifts are needed by the children, schools and communities we serve in Ethiopia. As always your support is hugely appreciated!

Do read on…

Link Ethiopia’s 2012 Calendar

For the first time we are selling Link Ethiopia calendars. They are attractive and informative, showing a combination of historic, cultural and educational scenes from Ethiopia. They also include Ethiopian proverbs, and (alongside UK public holidays) some of the most important dates in the Ethiopian calendar.

Link Ethiopia's 2012 Calendars

Each calendar costs just £8 (approx 9.50 euro, $12.50) and you can see them in more detail, and make your purchase, via our website:

Get them while stocks last!

Gift Ethiopia…

It’s back! Our gifts will bring a smile to the faces of your friends and family this Christmas. While at the same time they’ll bring a smile to children who are eager to learn, thousands of miles away.

Thanks to your support our projects now reach over 100,000 young people throughout Ethiopia. With your help we will be able to do even more to expand quality education to youngsters in towns and rural areas through 2012 and beyond.

So now’s your chance to give someone a gift that you feel passionately about; whether it relates to the importance of clean drinking water, hygienic toilets, books, or teacher training. Or perhaps you’re looking for something slightly out of the ordinary… like supporting our donkey library!

Visit to support the children and young people of this amazing country.

Water taps

Water taps

Donkey Library

Donkey Library

Help build a bog
Help build a bog

Complete school pack
Complete school pack

… with special gift cards

For each gift you will receive a colourful and celebrational gift card explaining about the specific support you are giving, and these are posted to you 1st class so you can write messages and give them to your lucky family members or friends.

So please, visit our Gift Ethiopia website and give a special gift to a special person. It’s a brilliant way to support our work.


Thanks for all your encouragement and support throughout the year. We are looking forward to all that 2012 will bring.

Child sponsorship
Child sponsorship

Clean water for 40 pupils
Clean water for 40 pupils

Community football team
Community football team

Internet in a school
Internet in a school

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Drinking water installed at Tsadiku Yohannes

The largest elementary school in Gondar, Tsadiku Yohannes, is set on a large site in a relatively poor area of Gondar town. It caters for 3,200 children, half in the morning shift and half in the afternoon, and teaches pupils from Grades 1 to 8. Tsadiku Yohannes is particularly special because it also caters for blind and deaf pupils and those with learning disabilities.

We recently worked with the local community to address the shortage of water facilities onsite. We were able to support the school with a new drinking water facility for pupils to use during break-times. Thanks to everyone who made this project happen!

Help more Ethiopian schools get access to clean water. Click here.

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Queniborough CE Primary visit their Link School!

In October, head teacher Joy Hardy and year 6 teacher Tracey Lidgett from Queniborough CE Primary school embarked on a much anticipated trip to their link school Yekatit 23 Elementary School in Bahr Dir.

In between sampling the local food and a spot of sightseeing, Joy and Tracey spent time setting up a new learning environment in the school and providing resources for the next door deaf unit.

Here is a short snippet from a detailed description of their trip for their school newsletter:

”On Monday, the Yekatit 23 Elementary School greeted us with flowers, a coffee ceremony and an Ethiopian welcome of; tribal dances, circus acts, singing and drama. We got to meet Ato Mulugeta (the Head) and Abundeje (Teacher/Link Organiser) who made us feel so welcome and showed us around the 1200 strong school, which operates in two shifts to accommodate all the pupils and allow them to work outside of school hours…”

Head to the school’s website to read more about their experience in Ethiopia and take a look at some super photos!

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Furniture project at Kebele 16

We are embarking on a large project in this elementary school on the outskirts of Gondar in northern Ethiopia. As well as building much needed classrooms we will be funding sturdy desk and chair units for five new and existing classrooms. This will mean students will be able to study and learn in a much more comfortable environment.

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Kilil Rufael Elementary

Kilil Rufael pupilsThis growing school is over an hour’s walk from the nearest town, Azezo, in the north of Ethiopia. Link Ethiopia and the local community recently completed a joint project to build two new classrooms to expand the school to Grade 7.

Kilil Rufael's new buildingsThe students completing Grade 6 would previously have either walked to the nearest school in Azezo or stopped going to school. This project will give each young person in the local community the opportunity to continue their education for another year.

You can help support a school like Kilil Rufael – click here to find out how.

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Fasiledes Secondary goes online!

We’ve funded the equipment and installation costs necessary to provide an internet and email connection to the Fasiledes Secondary School in Gondar town. We’re also supporting the running costs for the scheme for the first 6 months. Our aim is to roll this level of information access out into other schools in the area.

Link Ethiopia has also supported schools with technology equipment such as this heavy-duty printer at the only preparatory school in Gondar town. The machine has revolutionised the production of exam papers and other school paperwork and administration.

Help introduce computer technology into other Ethiopian schools by clicking here.

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Angereb Secondary School teacher visits Backwell School in Bristol

As part of Backwell Secondary and Angereb Secondary’s shared curriculum project on sustainability, Backwell School welcomed Amlaku Negash, an English teacher and the Link Coordinator at Angereb Secondary school in Gondar, Ethiopia. Amlaku spent spent a week at the school, talking to students and teachers about Ethiopia and life at Angereb. Amlaku also visited the local area and took part in a school excursion to a nearby forest to practice camping skills. It was an eye-opening visit for both the Backwell School community and Amlaku, all of whom feel their partnership has been strengthened by recent exchange visits.

The visit was funded by a British Council ‘Global Curriculum Project Grant’. Backwell and Angereb’s project focuses on water use in both schools. Students at each school have exchanged information on rainfall as well as individual records of how much water they used in daily tasks such as washing and cooking. The exchange has provoked some challenging discussions about the sustainability of our different lifestyles and helped students in both schools to understand the importance of conserving water.

All of the resources that have been developed through this project are available for download at This project is funded by the British Council ‘Global Curriculum Project Grant’. For more information on accessing this funding, visit or contact [email protected] for advice.

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New resources and campaigns

Free East Africa Drought Resources from ActionAid – KS2-4

Parts of Southern Ethiopia and Northern Kenya are currently experiencing the fourth year of one of the worst droughts in history. Millions of people are currently relying on food aid to survive. Explore the issues with Action Aid’s free resources and find out what you can do to help. Please note that none of the areas where we link schools are currently affected by this drought and care must be taken not to give a confusing picture of life in your partner community.

To download the free resources, visit

Join the Think Global Schools Network

Teachers can sign up to be part of the free Think Global Schools Network and receive The Globe, a free, twice-termly newsletter to update you about new features and resources on the Global Dimension Website. Think Global has a wide network of members who can provide help and support for teachers, youth workers and others involved in providing global learning at local and/or national levels.

Visit to sign up.

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Welcome to Gillian Symons, our new Education Officer

In June, Gillian Symons joined our team to take up the brand new position of Education Officer. Gillian brings with her years of experience as a primary teacher as well as experience developing resources for Oxfam, WWF, Think Global and SEED.

Gillian will be leading on developing our termly resource packs of assemblies, lesson ideas and shared learning activities which aim to explore global issues through your partnership. Gillian will also be visiting schools around the country to offer INSET, workshops and assemblies. Gillian will be based in our head office in King’s Cross London and will be working two days a week.

Gillian is available from September for school visits to provide INSET, workshops and assemblies to support you to develop global learning through your partnership. If you would like a visit or would like advice on enhancing your curriculum through your school link, please contact [email protected]. Please note, Gillian’s time is limited, so please get in touch soon if you would like a visit, in order to avoid disappointment! 

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Our growing Ethiopian team

We are very pleased to introduce two new members of our Ethiopian team who we recently recruited. Their names are Mulugeta Birhane, who will be managing our northern Ethiopian projects from our Gondar office, and Habtamu Dereje who is managing our southern Ethiopian school linking activities from our Bishoftu (Debre Zeit) office. They have already fitted in very well to these two hard-working teams!

We are also really pleased to introduce Shree Mandke who has relocated from the UK to join our Ethiopian team for 6 months to help develop our our projects work and help our teams prepare for the future growth of the charity.

So here is our current, expanded, team in Gondar:


                      Belayneh Shewaye                                                 Mulugeta Derso


                               Elsa Kebede                                                          Mulugeta Berhane

                         Shree Mandke

And here is our expanded Bishoftu (Debre Zeit) team:


                            Yohannes Abebe                                                    Hailemariam Ayano

                                    Habtamu Dereje

AND our Gondar team are settling in well to their new and larger office. Our previous office was far too small to accommodate our growing northern team. The new one, just nearby, in the centre of Gondar town, is twice the size and is much brighter and nicer to work in. Here are some photos of the new office space.

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