Can you spare just one hour of your salary a month to transform people’s lives?

  • Just £5 a month could enable a different teacher each month receive workshop training to improve the quality of their lessons.
  • Just £10 a month could supply a different rural school each month with 60 exciting and stimulating library books.
  • Just £20 a month could provide clean, safe drinking water from a well for another 40 pupils each month.

Make your donation now!

Making a regular donation to Link Ethiopia couldn’t be easier. You can set up your donation to us right here and now, for as much as you like, as often as you like. Giving regularly means we have reliable income which allows us to plan longer term projects.

We rely on voluntary donations to continue our vital work, transforming the lives of young people and their communities through education. Just a small amount can help guarantee children an education, giving them the skills to lift themselves out of poverty, advocate for their rights and take control over their lives.

Your gift will support all of our work – helping to build new classrooms or toilets in Ethiopian schools, providing training for teachers, or books for the school library. It could also go towards forging positive links between students in the UK and Ethiopia, and helping teachers and young people explore the importance of equality, justice and diversity all over the globe.

As a donor, you will receive regular updates on our work, with information, photos and accounts of the people and communities to whom your gift is making a difference.

Thank you!

(If you have any difficulty making your donation we would be most grateful to know. Contact us here and we will investigate! Many thanks)