Broomwood African Education Foundation

The Northwood African Education Foundation is an organisation based at Broomwood Hall School, London. In 2011, they took on an amazing task in aiming to build a school in Ethiopia. After partnering with Link Ethiopia, two years later over £260,000 has been raised and St. George’s School for Orphans and Vulnerable children is open. The school is located in Azezo near Gondar, in the North West of Ethiopia. Gondar is a city of 200,000 people with Azezo’s population of 50,000. Although Ethiopia does have state funded education, many children are excluded for social and economic reasons. 52% of the Orphans and Vulnerable Children in the Azezo area do not go to school at present.

St George’s opened at the beginning of March 2014 with boys and girls from the poorest and most vulnerable local families. It currently comprises two classes of 5 year olds and two classes of 6 years olds, with a head teacher, four form teachers and four assistant teachers; in addition to cooks, cleaners, gardeners, security guards with a total staff of 16.

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Broomwood Hall School has been pivotal in the raising of funds, and, so far, almost all of the money raised has come from the families and friends of Broomwood Hall staff and pupils. Through sponsored reads, parties, auctions, cake sales, abseiling, Everest climbing and many more amazing fundraising events, the school has supported and funded this project from start to finish and will continue to do so.

We are grateful to our generous donors, the Northwood African Education Foundation for their support. We couldn’t have done this without their support throughout this project and without the help from the local leadership & the community, the newly appointed St George’s School staff, and our most amazing local Link Ethiopia team in Gondar!

There is still a lot to be achieved, but through the link with Broomwood Hall, St. George’s is sure to be a success!

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