Tutu’s Fund for the Future doesn’t only sponsor children but has also been undertaking a classroom regeneration project in Dosha Elementary School.

Funded by money from a school local to Tutu’s Ethiopian Table restaurant, this project has been renovating a badly dilapidated classroom to create a new environment for the students to better learn in.

The Project

Stage 1:

Old Classroom Desks  Old Classroom  Old Classroom Blackboard  Old Classroom Exterior

This is how the classroom at Dosha Elementary looked last year when Tutu’s Fund for the Future agreed to take the project on. It had become very run-down and was in need of a serious upgrade in order to create a positive learning environment.

Stage 2:

Stripped Down Classroom Exterior  Stripped Down Classroom Interior

The next stage of the project was to empty the classroom and to strip back the old cracked and flaking plaster to expose the wooden supports.

Stage 3:

New Plastered Wall  Ceiling joists  Newly Plastered Exterior  Newly Plastered Interior

Stage 3 of the project has been to re-plaster the classroom both inside and out, which has already made the classroom look and feel much newer and nicer. A new ceiling is also being put in place.

Stage 4:


The renovated classroom is completed! And a small playground has been built too.

Can you help?

There are many other projects we want to support within Ethiopian schools. Can you help us? Please do make a donation to support these projects or get in contact with Tutu or Matt if you would like any other information. Thank you!